Carlos Pina (Barcelona, 1962)

Visual artist, performer, musician and independent cultural agent.

As for technical training, I develop part of my professional activity in the field of advanced digital telecommunications.

I had been working with electronic synthesizers since 1983 and computer-generated music since 1991. In 1993 I began my work in visual poetry and installation together with Maria Cosmes, under the name of collective Stidna! under a critical political approach. I had studied jewellery and sculpture and had exhibited some of my works in the Spring of Design in Barcelona.

I had been working in the world of performance since 1998, both individually and collectively. I had performed more than 80 performances at festivals in Europe, Asia and America.

I’m dedicated to independent cultural management since 1997. I have curated several exhibitions in Spain, France and Turkey. Founder and director of eBent, international festival of performance in Barcelona (2001-2010).

My theoretical background is mainly derived from anthropology and sociology as well as from Anglo-Saxon performance studies.


Since 2000 I have developed different lines of work, both in performance and in installation, objects and video. The central axis of my work is the politicisation of life, dealing with issues going from therapy to the immediate environment, passing through personal and collective memory and the global historical and geopolitical framework. At the present time I am working on the politicisation of the body.

Between 2000 and 2004, I worked on the politicisation of my own therapy, around psychopharmacology and psychological tests, in order to make visible and dessacralize a issue that is still taboo in our society. In 2004 I started a work of retrieval of the memory, lost in a generalised amnesia caused by the over-saturation of information in the mass media, which has turned the so-called “society of communication” into a “society of noise”. Since 2007 I worked in more generical political series in which I used the image of light assault weapons as "cultural" objects. Although they seem to have a very specific meaning, I consider that their image contain an ambiguity that allows for multiple readings; in its use there has been no fascination for the object as such, but the observation of its universality as a symbol present in all modern cultures. Since 2012 I have been working on the politicisation of the body, both in performance and in video or videoperformance.

At the same time, since 2005 I also started to do video works, from camera performances to specific works. In all of them there has been a constant use of low technology and acceptance and subsequent inclusion of chance in the resulting work. In these pieces, even if I sometimes work with performance recordings, I am not particularly interested in maintaining temporal linearity neither the original sound, since I understand video as a medium that allows me to alter what is not allowed in performance.


Artwork (selection)

  • Arvenses i ruderals. Als marges: [with Maria Cosmes] (performance process) Cardedeu, 2017-2018
⇒ Als marges || On the margins: (video, based on performance process Arvenses i ruderals. Als marges by Maria Cosmes and Carlos Pina), 2018
l’ordre (no) natural de les coses: (performance) cycle AA+AA. Arbar, Girona. 2017
no-pain (2016-2019) (videoperformance)
no-pain | zero day: (2015-2017) (video and objects); exhibition Polititzacions del malestar. Centre Santa Mònica, Barcelona, 2017
()versions ()naturals: (video/videoperformance, performance) cycle Corporeidad y resistencia. The Grey Square, Tarragona, 2015
I will not talk: (performance) Political Performance Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2012
Two way: (performance) Open festival, Beijing, China, 2009

out (of) sources: (video) worldwide simultaneous actions organized by Immigrant Movement International, 2011
Paper mullat: (video, photography, objects) espai E’Art, Barcelona, 2007-2010
Délit de silence: (performance) festival Fabrika Voxa, Bourogne, 2010
Es pot fer de la malatia una arma?: (performance) Espai en Blanc, La Societat Terapèutica, 2008
Three red flags: (performance) Sinopale, Sinop, Turkey, 2008
Duty of memory VI: (performance) International Visiting Artists Series, Toronto, Canada, 2007
Deber de memoria IV: (performance) CENDEAC, Murcia, 2006
Duty of memory III: (performance) Liveaction, Goteborg, 2006
La cruz (VI): (performance) La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2005
A cruz (IV): (performance) festival Chámalle X, Pontevedra, 2005
La cruz (III): (video) 2005
Reconstrucció II: (video) Horta de Sant Joan, 2005
What Europe is: (performance) Istanbul, Turkey, 2005
Abric (coat||shelter): (performance) Galleria Augusta-NIFCA, Helsinki, Finland, 2004
Deixalles de la memòria: [with Maria Cosmes] (performance) festival Per Amor a l’Art, Palma de Mallorca, 2000
Tierra de refugio III: [with Maria Cosmes] (urban intervention) Barcelona, 2000
Síndrome d'abstinència: (performance) Barcelona, 2000

Exhibitions and publications (selection)

  • Milagros habituales: (exhibition, objects) La Peixateria, Sala de creació, Sant Boi, 2018
  • Constelaciones, Poesía experimental en España (1963-2016): [as collective Stidna!] (exhibition, visual poetry) Musac, León, 2017; C3A, Córdoba, 2017
  • Kompromat: [as collective Stidna!] (exhibition, visual poetry) Ateneu L’Harmonia, Barcelona, 2015
  • Biografía real: (object poem) XIII award of experimental poetry of Badajoz, selected work, 2014
  • No hablaré: (video) festival AbZurdo, Guatemala, 2012; JiaaP, Galería Weber-Lutgen, Sevilla, 2012
  • Poesía experimental española, antología incompleta: [as collective Stidna!] (anthology) Madrid, 2012
  • Paper mullat: (objects, photography, video) espai E’Art, Barcelona, 2010
  • Fragmentos de entusiasmo. Poesía visual en España 1964-2006: [as collective Stidna!] (exhibition and anthology) (Guadalajara, 2007)
  • Mt 6:11: (object poem) V award of experimental poetry of Badajoz, selected work, 2006
  • MT: (object poems) VII international exhibition of small format art. MX Espai, Barcelona, 2006
  • Barcelona 2004: (series of visual poems) Desacuerdos, sobre arte, políticas y esfera pública en el Estado español, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, 2005
  • Reconstrucció 2000-2005: (video installation) La Interior Bodega, Barcelona, 2005
  • Reconstrucció II: (video installation) Videopak 2005, MX Espai, 2005
  • Entorn (fragments): (Objects) Transnegatiu, VI exposició internacional d’art de petit format, MX Espai, Barcelona, 2005
  • Tod@s… o casi tod@s, Poesía Visual, Experimental y Mail Art en España: (anthology) Palencia, 2004
  • F34.1/F60.5: (installation and music) espai miau Barcelona, 2001
  • In God we trust: [as collective Stidna!] exhibition of visual poetry and installation, Transformadors, 1997
  • Jocs i tripijocs: [as collective Stidna!] (installation) Marató de l’Espectacle, Mercat de les Flors, 1996

Conferences and curatorship (selection)

  • Paper and lecture Ensayos de resistencia (Resistance essays), with Maria Cosmes. Congress of Action Art Fugas e Interferencias, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo, 2017
  • Round table and conference Dos propuestas en el estado español con trayectoria en arte de acción (Two proposals in the Spanish state with trajectory in action art). Universidad del País Vasco, Bilbao, 2011
  • Director/co-director eBent, internacional performance festival. Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona; Centre d’Art Santa Mònica; La Virreina, Centre de la imatge; Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid; La Casa Encendida, Madrid, l’Estruch, Fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu, Sabadell. 2001-2010
  • Conference Public et processus de création (Public and creation process) Reims Scènes d'Europe. Reims, 2009
  • Curator, with Marta Pol i Rigau, of the catalan performance exhibition Construint ponts (Building bridges). Istanbul, 2007
  • Curator of the exhibition of visual poetry, artist's books and Catalan performance Catalog(n/u)e, les autres poètes catalans. centre internacional de poésie Marseille. 2004